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Old School Tattoo Designs Being a tattoo artist at the time I said, "what the heck i'll get my fingers tattooed"  I hated the card suit tattoos I got on my fingers about five minutes after getting them.  They are crooked, faded and of poor quality. Although I disliked the old school tattoos I still got a 13 and 8 stars tattooed on my fingers.  The work on these tattoos was excellent,and the tattoo designs where fine, but none the less, at some point, I began  to regret all the tattoos on my fingers.  I tried a few methods of removing them, mostly trying to stratch them off with an emery board. The result was not much success and more pain than I was wanting. Articles & Ideas
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Nothing free was really working so I figured it was time to spend some stratch.  I ordeded some tattoo cream. I checked out a couple of products and bought one online. By the time I got the product in my hand I had a serious growing desire to have the tattoos removed from my fingers.  The creams were meant to fade the tattoo slowly over time.  A slow fade is great for someone with an ankle regret or a bad lower back tattoo design, but I found myself unsatisfied with the results.  There were definite results, the tattoos where fading, but I needed faster, lightning fast, laser fast.
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laser tattoo removal,tattoo removal,tattoo cream, tattoo removal pictures, tattoos on fingers before and after one tattoo removal treatment
laser tattoo removal,tattoo removal,tattoo cream,tattoo removal pictures, before and after pictures of tattoo removal on fingers
Picture 1 After using only Tattoo Cream
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Before and After Laser Tattoo Removal Pictures
Two treatments
Laser tattoo removal, time to play with the big boys. If you are looking into tattoo removal, tattoo removal lasers are the pinnacle of the tattoo removal process.  Of all the methods, laser removal has the fastest most intense results. I looked into the process for a few weeks. By chance, I looked into a local paper and saw an ad for laser tattoo removal $50 per square inch. I thought "wow thats a good price",better than what I had been quoted before. I called the tattoo removal clinic and made an appointement just to have a consultation. I was pretty nervous about the process but also very inpressed with the before and after pictures I had seen on the internet. At the consultation I was told that the tattoos on my fingers would be about three inches combined so the per treatment cost would be $150. I felt like that was a good price, then she said it would take 8-12 treatments to fully remove them and that the green may never come out.  She also said after the first treatment the tattoos may actually get darker. I was undeterred and made an appointment for the following week. The day of the appointment I went to the the tattoo removal clinic, filled out the paperwork and paid my money. I was given instructions about the aftercare process and told what to expect. The  tattoo removal laser operator and myself donned super high tech goggles that looked ridiculous. Then it began, and I cursed so much so that I was actually embarrassed. The operator was very nice, stating how the first treatment would be the most intense since the ink was compact in the skin so the first few shots where really the worst of the whole thing. The process took only minutes, maybe ten mintues to complete both hands.
After the second laser tattoo removal treatment. As you can see the the spade tattoo is almost gone ,the heart and the diamonds' black ink is faded but the red is not really changed.  The stars tattoo design  on the other hand are quite noticably faded.  The yellow in the star tattoo is basically gone and the black outline and shading is really lighntened.
laser tattoo removal,tattoo removal pictures, tattoo cream,laser tattoo removal picture of finger, picture of finger after laser tattoo removal
Tattoo removal pictures 3 and 4
laser tattoo removal ,tattoo removal pictures, tattoo cream,after picture of tattoo removal,finger tattoo removal
Tattoo removal Pictures 3 and 4 . The last pictures are after only three treatment.  I could not be happier with the results. As you see in picture 3 the outline of the 13 really lightened with some pieces completely removed. The green ink is definitely lighter, but as I was first told the green is harder to get results from. On the other hand the spade tattoo for all intents and purposes is gone, after only three laser tattoo removal. The club tattoo is all but faded away and the heart and diamond tattoos while not quite as drastic are clearly faded. The stars on both hands are all but gone. I think the results after three laser treatments are outstanding. I estimate that I will not need 8-10  treatments but only a few more to be totally satisfied.
So for me the tattoo cream was a good thing I'm glad I tried it and would use it again.The cost of the creams or chemical peels, to the cost of the tattoo removal laser is not even comparable. I have spent so far $450 dollars on laser tattoo removal and the cream was nowhere near that much. The fading is slow,so its really up to the person and how much they want the tattoo off and how soon.Tat removal is a lot harder than getting it done, the process is way longer, what ever method you use getting a tattoo off will take time and money
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