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10 Tips On Getting A Tattoo
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1. Keep the tattoo design as personal as possible.  Incorporate meaningful things from your experiences in to tattoo ideas.  The uniqueness of the design doesn't necessarily make it personal to you.  Make sure the artwork is meaningful to you.
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2. Think about the future.  Will you want this artwork on your body 10 or 20 years from now?  Try to avoid trendy or impulsive tattoo decisions.  Even the best tattoo by the best professional artist will fade with age so think about the clarity of the design and how it might look over time.  Tattoos are a long term commitment.
10 Tips On Getting A Tattoo
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3. Don't be influenced by others, whether by the latest celebrity or people in your personal life.  The decision to get a tattoo should solely be an individual choice.  Peer pressure shouldn't be a deciding factor in getting or not getting a tattoo.
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4. Find a reputable tattoo shop and look at each artist's portfolio.  Find a tattoo artist whose gallery of work best fits your tattoo idea.  Don't be afraid to ask the artist questions beforehand.  Asking a few questions will give you an idea of the artist's personality.  This could be important, especially if you're getting a large tattoo that might require numerous visits to the artist. 
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5. Make sure the tattoo shop is licensed.  The license should be current and prominently displayed.  Also make sure the shop looks and smells clean.  Ask where the autoclave is located and look in the area to make sure it is well-maintained.  Check the artist's workspace, it should clean and uncluttered.  The artist should also have a clean, professional appearance.   
6. Get exactly what you want.  The time to make the final tattoo design decision is before the artist begins the tattoo.  Look at the stencil and make sure everything is how you want it. Make sure any words are spelled correctly and that you and the artist have an understanding of what colors are to be used.     
7. Make changes now.  Don't wait until the tattoo is completed to decide you wanted a different color or font or the size bigger or smaller.  After the tattoo has begun it is much harder to change.   
8. Be polite.  Tattoo artists are professionals.  If you have gone to a reputable shop and are using a reputable artist then you should treat the employees in a polite manner.  A tattoo shop is a business like any other and you should conduct yourself accordingly. 
9.  Sit still.  Tattoos require precise work and the artist's full attention.  If you are chatty or move around it will distract the artist and affect the quality.  Be mentally prepared for the fact that some tattoos in some areas can be uncomfortable, but you'll still be expected to maintain your composure. 
10. Tip.  You've chosen a reputable shop and a reputable artist.  If you're satisfied with the quality of work, don't be afraid to show the artist by tipping.  Most tattoo artists work off of pure commission, meaning if they don't do a tattoo they don't get paid.  So tipping for good work is greatly appreciated.     
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