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10 Myths And Lies About Tattoos And Tattooing
10 Myths And Lies About Tattoos
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1.That tattoo needles are  a single needle.  People often think tattoos are done with a single tattoo needle.  They are actually done with needles that are clustered together and soldered in to groups of odd numbers:  3, 5, 7, etc.
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2.. Tattoos bleed a lot.  In the majority of cases the outline shouldn't bleed at all and shading shouldn't bleed for more than 5 or 10 minutes.  When you leave the tattoo shop, the tattoo will be bandaged but has usually stopped bleeding. 
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3.. Red tattoo ink fades.  At one time colors such as red and blue often faded quite a bit.  In the last few generations innovations in tattoo ink has allowed for pigments that are not as easily affected by the elements, allowing them to maintain their brightness. 
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4. Tattoos turn blue.  Many people have the image of the old blue tattoos from the 50s and 60s but there have been numerous improvements in the quality of tattoo ink and equipment.
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5. White tattoo ink hurts more.  It is a common misconception that white ink or lighter colored tattoo inks are more painful.  This is untrue, lighter colors are generally put in at the end when the tattoo is being completed and the skin is most sensitive.  This gives most tattoo recipients the impression that the lighter colored inks are more painful and a white ink tattoo will hurt more.
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6.. Tattoos hurt.  While there is some level of discomfort involved, many people find tattoos to be less painful than they expected.  An experienced, professional tattoo artist will know various techniques to make the pain as bearable as possible.Some people use a numbing cream  , you would need to ask your artist befor using the cream
7. Tattoo artists are rude.  Like with any profession there are many personality types in tattooing. In general, tattoo artist are people too and have bad days. They have personal lives that spill over in to their professional life like any other workplace. Not every tattooer can be Kat Von D or "Mr Cartoon tattoo artist"  99.9% of tattoo artist are just like there tattooed clients, just trying to make it.
8. Tattooing is easy. In actuality, tattooing is an acquired skill that takes years of practice and studying.  Numerous elements are involved besides the ability to draw, including knowledge of different skin types and pigments, time management, sterilization, working an autoclave  and hygiene as well as people skills.  Most tattoo artists go through a rigorous apprenticeship before being allowed to work on customers. 
9. Tattoos are expensive.  Not in the long run, in all cases a tattoo is a permanent addition to your body.  It is paid for at one time. There's no financing or interest involved. It can't be broken or stolen. Tattoo cost should not weigh heavily.
10. Tattoos are forever.  In the last 15 years or so, tattoo removal has made dramatic improvements.  Where in the past tattoos were forever and removal could amount to  thousands of dollars in medical expenses.Now with tattoo removal cream, that makes the tattoo fade,or quicker,laser tattoo removal cost has gone down greatly.One need only search for laser tattoo removal pictures to see the results 
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